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7 dienų iššūkis (anime related)
Hmhmn, kadangi tai atrodo gan populiaru ieškau padarėlių, kas prisidėtų prie iššūkio nuo sekmadienio savaitę papaišyt. Jei neatsiras savanorių, ką gi, tada visi patingėję sulauks tik mano vienos piešinuko. Iššūkis pasiskolintas iš kažkurios grupės, kartu su paaiškinimais anglų kalba.

Day 1 - Selfie! You have to draw yourself

Why? I think drawing yourself is a very deep experience. It requires observation and a sincere point of view of the artist. You'll choose what features you like the most about you and the ones you're not very comfortable with. It's an exercise of self knowledge. It doesn't have to be realistic! Any style is alowed.

Day 2 - Draw something related to the ocean

Day 3 - Draw your favorite mythical creature

Now it's your turn to draw your favorite one!

Day 4 - Gender swap a famous character

It's recently very trendy to change the gender of one's favorite characters. I did few of these and I can say it's helpful to notice what makes a male character and what makes a female one. The character may be from TV series, movies, anime/manga, comics, graphic novels and such.

Day 5 - Pick your favorite song's title. That's the title of your drawing

This one is to make you think! I know that it may sound very abstract, that's why I have great expectations on what you guys will come up with this one.

Day 6 - Mix inanimate beings with animated ones

Blend an animal with an object. The more they are blend the better!

Day 7 - Draw the humanized form of something

This one is also to make things difficult! It can be the human form of your favorite food, place, animal, object, pokemon or whatever else you can think of.

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